UFO's aka Unfinished Objects

I have so many UFO's it's starting to feel a little bit like that scene where the trash compacter is closing in on all sides and I am knee deep in unrecognizable slop (if you don't know what movie I am talking about then there is no hope any more?).  I figured maybe if I shared my despair it would shame me into finally finishing them.  

#1 to finish is the Danforth (cuz I wanna rock this honey and it's almost finished) by Quince & Co. 



#2 Borealis Shawl by the one and only CAL PATCH  

I am ALMOST done the damn shawl is only 3 hours away from finished...does anyone want to come entertain my children for me? p.s. isn't Cal the cutest ever??!!!!


#3 Owls by Kate Davies...I promised I would frog it but I only have a sleeve and a half and those damn owls.  Frogging is for sissies and Owls eat frogs...I know it's not a "me" sweater but I  am so close to finishing? Thoughts from the hecklers? 


I just realized this is going to have to be a three part series.